Zeotec Hellas

ZEOTEC Hellas Group, founded in January 2016. A Greek innovative company, based in Volos Magnesia, operating a plant for the prroduction of a wide range of non-toxic cleaners / detergents, whose main ingedient is Zeolite.

ZEOTEC Hellas Group Our products are a world novelty, we are the first company worldwide that produces the same non-toxic cleaners, with main ingredient being Zeolite, having a secured global distribution network.

We appeal to businesses but also to households, giving concrete solutions to any kind of problem and ensuring that users of our products direct effectiveness, low cost and guaranteed quality.

Our products meet the most stringent production specifications and accompanied by all the ISO certifications provided and certified by the State General Laboratory.

ZEOTEC Hellas Group managed through the difficult times that we live to beat the odds and be characterized by many as ‘’ARK DEVELOPMENT '' since it is the only company where the first months of operation managed to export its products in three major countries (Russia, Germany, the USA) and is currently working to expand to other markets in Europe and Asia.

The beautiful journey that began with the start of 2016 had it’s ups and downs but it has always been worth it. Our strength is the self-evident quality of our products that we produce ourselves, your confidence and the quality of our personnel.

ZEOTEC Hellas Group is a big family which invests in its people by supporting them in every step of their life and we are proud of them.

ZEOTEC Hellas Group having its first birthday in a while is now the company that creates LEADING TRENDS and DEVELOPMENTS.



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